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Direct port of python's Twisted Deferred module to coffeescript and thus javascript.



git clone git:// 
cd nodejs-twisted-deferreds
(sudo) npm link


  • coffeescript
  • nodeunit (for running the tests)


This is a contrived example that reads the contents of a file, trims the whitespace and prints the result to the console. If an error occurs then it is logged.

fs    = require('fs')
defer = require('twisted-deferred')
Deferred = defer.Deferred

# Create Deferred instance that will track the steps
d = new Deferred()

# Add a step that cleans the content
d.addCallback (content) ->
    return content.trim()

# Add a step that uses the cleaned content
d.addCallback (cleanedContent) ->
    console.log cleanedContent

# If there is an error at any step make sure it is logged.
d.addErrback (err) ->
    console.error err

# Grab the content from the file and start the procedure
fs.readFile "path", "r", (err, data) ->
    if err
        d.errback err
        d.callback data

It is also possible to wrap existing async code using the toDeferred method: d = defer.toDeferred(fs.readFile, "path") d.addCallback (content) -> console.log content d.addErrback (err) -> # log err


To run the tests ensure that nodeunit is installed. Then run

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