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# BioCatalogue: WSDLUtils Service
# Copyright (c) 2009-2011, University of Manchester, The European Bioinformatics
# Institute (EMBL-EBI) and the University of Southampton.
# See license.txt for details
The WSDLUtils Service was developed by Dan Mowbray for the EMBRACE web services registry and is now being used in the BioCatalogue web services registry.
The WDSDLUtils Service has two main functions:
- parse a WDSL file into a format that is consumable by the BioCatalogue registry
- track changes in a WSDL document
The utilities in this Service are written in PHP and hence would run on a web server with PHP enabled.
The following PHP libraries are required to be installed:
- php-xml
- php-xml-parser
- php-xml-serializer
- php-xml-util
To deploy the code, run the following in document root of the your web server (e.g.: /var/www/.
[sudo] git clone
The library will reside in a folder called "WSDLUtils".
To test your installation, call the parse utility as follow:
http://<my server root>/WSDLUtils/WSDLUtils.php?method=parse&wsdl_uri="my test wsdl uri"
Using the Service in BioCatalogue for Parsing
Set the WSDLUtils parser location in "config/initializers/biocat_local.rb"
Use the Service in the application in the following way:
where "wsdl_url" is the wsdl you want to parse. You could test this in the rails console as well.
Complete documentation by the author is available at
Extend this README for the WSDL tracking function.
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