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  • Add +Annotation::include_values+ as a named scope that can be used to potentially improve performance.

  • Added include_values optional argument (default: false) to as many finder methods. This allows you to specify whether value records must be included in the query results or not, and may be used to improve performance.


  • New config option: +Annotations::Config.value_factories+ - support for value object generation factories per attribute name.


Annotations::Config.value_factories["tag"] = { |v|
  case v
    when String, Symbol

IMPORTANT: don't use explicit +return+s in your Proc otherwise it will cause the returning method to exit too!

  • The process of generating/setting the annotation's actual value object has been changed to “lazy generate” the actual value object of the annotation. This is now done before validation. NOTE: this still allows +Annotation#value+ (which has been overridden) to be set at any time, but the actual setting of the value association at the ActiveRecord level now happens later.

  • The process_value_adjustments code in the Annotation model now happens BEFORE setting the value association. This prevents the value object from being modified after it's been set. NOTE: this does also mean that it will only run when provided with a String or Symbol.

  • New config option: +Annotations::Config.valid_value_types+ - support for validation checks based on the class of the value object.


Annotations::Config::valid_value_types["tag"] = "Tag"


  • Minor bugfixes

  • annotations_version_fu nows allows reloading of the versioned columns (needed if doing something during a migration).


  • acts_as_annotatable now requires you to specify an option - :name_field - on the model that is becoming an annotatable.

  • acts_as_annotatable now exposes an is_annotatable attribute to allow you to check if a model can act as an annotatable.


  • Updated the routes to allow requirements to be passed in.


*Main change*: Annotation values are now polymorphic rather than just plain strings. Some basic act_as_annotation_value models have been introduced for this. Note: this has affected all methods that take in or work with annotation values. See below for further details.

  • New mixin module: acts_as_annotation_value.

  • New basic annotation value models: TextValue and NumberValue (but note that you can use any model as a value by specifying acts_as_annotation_value on it).

  • Removed +Annotation::find_annotatables_with_attribute_name_and_value+.

  • Removed +Annotation::find_annotatables_with_attribute_names_and_values+.

  • Removed with_annotations_with_attribute_name_and_value in the acts_as_annotatable module.

  • +Annotations::Config::value_restrictions+ has been renamed to +Annotations::Config::content_restrictions+

  • Latest migration version = v3

  • NOTE: the new migration script will keep the old value column data in a new old_value column for EXISTING annotations only. This can be used for verification/text purposes.


  • Added identifier to AnnotationAttribute. This can be used to specify what ontology term / URI the attribute can be uniquely identified using. See +AnnotationAttribute#before_validation+ for more information on how this identifier will be generated if not specified manually.

  • Changed the annotations association in act_as_annotation_source to annotations_by, to fix cases when a model has both acts_as_annotatable AND acts_as_annotation_source.

  • Latest migration version = v2

0.1.0 (July 23rd 2009)

  • Initial import from the BioCatalogue codebase.

  • Improved documentation. See README.rdoc for more info on features and usage.

  • Latest migration version = v1