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Running Tests

To run the tests for this plugin:

  • you have to install this into a dummy Rails v2.3.2 app and meet the requirements (see the README file).

  • ensure the following gems are installed:

    gem install plugin_test_helper -v 0.3.0 gem install mysql

  • ensure database 'annotations_plugin_test' exists on a local MySQL server installation (with default ports) and username 'annotations' with password 'annotations_plugin'. Commands for MySQL:

    create database annotations_plugin_test character set utf8; create user 'annotations'@'localhost' identified by 'annotations_plugin'; grant all privileges on annotations_plugin_test.* to 'annotations'@'localhost';

  • In the root of the dummy Rails app, run:

    rake test:plugins PLUGIN=annotations

  • For more detailed back traces, run:

    rake test:plugins PLUGIN=annotations BACKTRACE=blegga

  • To run a specific test file, run e.g.:

    rake test:plugins PLUGIN=annotations BACKTRACE=blegga TEST=vendor/plugins/annotations/test/config_test.rb