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An Emacs extension for quick-toggle controls
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MELPA-Stable MELPA Marmalade

Quick toggle controls at a key-stroke.


You can use myterminal-controls to save a lot of key-bindings by grouping them into a single controls window. The controls window can be opened with a key-binding and the rest key-bindings are displayed within the controls window.



Save the file myterminal-controls.el to disk and add the directory containing it to load-path using a command in your .emacs file like:

(add-to-list 'load-path "~/.emacs.d/")

The above line assumes that you've placed the file into the Emacs directory '.emacs.d'.

Start the package with:

(require 'myterminal-controls)

MELPA-Stable / MELPA / Marmalade

If you have MELPA-Stable, MELPA or Marmalade added as a repository to your Emacs, you can just install myterminal-controls with

M-x package-install myterminal-controls RET


Set a key-binding to open the quick-toggle controls window anytime

(global-set-key (kbd "C-M-`") 'myterminal-controls-open-controls)

You can also set your custom list of quick-toggle controls

    (list '("1" "Invert colors"
            (lambda ()
              (invert-face 'default))
          '("2" "Invert mode-line"
            (lambda ()
              (invert-face 'mode-line)))))

Each item in the list should contain 3 to 4 elements:

  • Key combination information
  • Text to be displayed in the controls window
  • Function to be executed against the key combination
  • [Optional] Whether the controls window should close after the command
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