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VorpalBunny is a light-weight publishing class in PHP for talking to RabbitMQ's JSON-RPC-Channel Plugin
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Vorpal Bunny

Vorpal Bunny is a publishing client for RabbitMQ's JSON-RPC Channel Plugin

The goal is to be a light-weight tool for higher throughput with smaller protocol overhead for calling Basic.Publish from PHP applications.

Vorpal Bunny uses PHP with CURL and APC to reduce the traffic footprint for clients who do nothing but publishing. The workflow is to allow the client to grab a session off of the RabbitMQ JSON-RPC Channel plugin web server and reuse that session until it is no longer valid. This is accomplished by using APC to cache the value of the sessionToken for the given server.

Your exchange and routing key MUST be setup prior to use.


  • PHP 5
  • w/ CURL
  • APC use is optional but recommended

Example Usage

 $vb = new VorpalBunny( 'localhost' );
 $vb->publish( "", "test", "Hello World!" );

Class Documentation


Constructor __construct (line 43) Initialize the VorpalBunny Class

 __construct (string $host, [int $port = 55672], [string $user = 'guest'], [string $pass = 'guest'], [string $vhost = '/'], [int $timeout = 30])

 * string $host:    RabbitMQ server to use
 * int    $port:    RabbitMQ Server HTTP port to use
 * string $user:    Username to pass to RabbitMQ when starting a session
 * string $pass:    Password to send to RabbitMQ when starting a session
 * string $vhost:   RabbitMQ VHost to use
 * int    $timeout: Timeout to set on the RabbitMQ JSONRPC Channel side

publish (line 224) Send a message to RabbitMQ using Basic.Deliver over JSONRPC

For more information on the parameters, see

 return: Success/Failure
 throws: Exception  

 bool publish (string $exchange, string $routing_key, string $message, [string $mimetype = "text/plain"], [int $delivery_mode = 1], [bool $mandatory = false], [bool $immediate = false], [bool $recursion = false])

 * string $exchange:      to publish the message to, can be empty
 * string $routing_key:   to publish the message to
 * string $message:       to be published, should already be escaped/encoded
 * string $mimetype:      of message content content
 * int    $delivery_mode: for message: 1 non-persist message, 2 persist message
 * bool   $mandatory:     set the mandatory bit
 * bool   $immediate:     set the immediate bit
 * bool   $recursion:     flag called when trying to recreate a new session


VorpalBunny is released under the BSD License

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