A Python wrapper around the libmemcached interface from TangentOrg.
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pylibmc is a Python client for memcached written in C.

See the documentation at sendapatch.se/projects/pylibmc/ for more information.


Change Log

New in version 1.2.0

This release is for the people behind reddit.com, for helping push development forward. Keep doing your thing.

  • sevmer.org versioning scheme
  • Fixed GIL issues
  • Added CAS support (ketralnis)
  • Added SASL authentication (Remoun)
  • Added more detail to errors (spladug)
  • Added mapping-like behavior for clients
  • Fixed build errors on Mac OS X
  • Moved to nose for testing
  • Added auto_eject behavior
  • Added num_replicas behavior
  • Added remove_failed behavior
  • Removed cache_lookups behavior
  • Improved repr of clients (noah256)
  • Improved IPv6 support (JshWright)
  • Improved pooling behavior so it doesn't cause lock-ups
  • Improved tests and testing foundation
  • Improved documentation and structure
  • Internalized Sphinx documentation
  • Bunch of other stuff

New in version 1.1

  • Removed deprecated space-based behavior names.
  • Acquire and release the GIL properly, thanks ketralnis
  • Add support for libmemcached 0.40
  • Included a more useful command-line interface
  • Fixed handling of NUL-byte keys in get_multi in binary protocol
  • Fixed some valgrind-reported memory warnings
  • Fixed bogus usage of time argument for delete.
  • 1.1.1: Fixed tests under Python 2.5

New in version 1.0

  • Lots of documentation fixes and other nice things like that.
  • Nailed what appears to be the last outstanding memory leak.
  • Explicitly require libmemcached 0.32 or newer.

New in version 0.9

  • Added a get_stats method, which behaves exactly like python-memcached's equivalent.
  • Gives the empty string for empty memcached values like python-memcached does.
  • Added exceptions for most libmemcached return codes.
  • Fixed an issue with Client.behaviors.update.

New in version 0.8

  • Pooling helpers are now available. See pooling.rst in the distribution.
  • The binary protocol is now properly exposed, simply pass binary=True to the constructor and there you go.
  • Call signatures now match libmemcached 0.32, but should work with older versions. Remember to run the tests!

New in version 0.7

  • Restructured some of the code, which should yield better performance (if not for that, it reads better.)
  • Fixed some memory leaks.
  • Integrated changes from amix.dk, which should make pylibmc work under Snow Leopard.
  • Add support for the boolean datatype.
  • Improved test-runner -- now tests build/lib.*/_pylibmc.so if available, and reports some version information.
  • Support for x86_64 should now work completely.
  • Builds with Python 2.4, tests run fine, but not officially supported.
  • Fixed critical bugs in behavior manipulation.

New in version 0.6

  • Added compatibility with libmemcached 0.26, WRT error return codes.
  • Added flush_all and disconnect_all methods.
  • Now using the latest pickling protocol.

New in version 0.5

  • Fixed lots of memory leaks, and added support for libmemcached 0.23.
  • Also made the code tighter in terms of compiler pedantics.

New in version 0.4

  • Renamed the C module to _pylibmc, and added lots of libmemcached constants to it, as well as implemented behaviors.