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Release 1.2.2, bug fixes woho


pylibmc 1.2.1
Bug fix release, mitigates issues with Python 2.5 support, tests and NUL
byte keys.


pylibmc 1.2.0
This release is for the people behind ``__, for helping push
development forward. Keep doing your thing.


- ``__ versioning scheme
- Fixed GIL issues
- Added CAS support (ketralnis)
- Added SASL authentication (Remoun)
- Added more detail to errors (spladug)
- Added mapping-like behavior for clients
- Fixed build errors on Mac OS X
- Moved to nose__ for testing
- Added ``auto_eject`` behavior
- Added ``num_replicas`` behavior
- Added ``remove_failed`` behavior
- Removed ``cache_lookups`` behavior
- Improved repr of clients (noah256)
- Improved IPv6 support (JshWright)
- Improved pooling behavior so it doesn't cause lock-ups
- Improved tests and testing foundation
- Improved documentation and structure
- Internalized Sphinx documentation
- Bunch of other stuff



Prepare pylibmc 1.1.1 release


Prepare release of pylibmc 1.1


Prepare 1.0-beta release.


Update cmemcache test to work with newer memcacheds.
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