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Rapid Application Development in Java, integrating a Hibernate, Spring, Struts/JSF/Tapestry stack. Mirror of canonical SVN Repo.
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Quick-Start FAQ

To learn how to develop your J2EE webapps with AppFuse, see (or docs/index.html
if you downloaded the AppFuse source distribution). 

To build this application - you must be using Ant 1.5.1+ and have your 
$J2EE_HOME set to your J2EE SDK install directory.  You can also copy the
j2ee.jar file to lib/j2sdkee1.4/lib.  J2EE 1.4 is not required yet, so 
using a 1.3 lib is fine.  You can also pass in the parameter such as 
ant -Dj2ee.jar=/path/to/jar.  Make sure mail.jar and activation.jar are in

You will also need to copy junit.jar into your $ANT_HOME/lib directory.

Then setup Tomcat 4.1.x+ and install an smtp server on localhost.  If you
don't want to install an SMTP server, change to point to an
existing one.

To run this application, you will need to perform the following tasks:

1.  Adjust the file to fit your system - the username
    and password for the database must have database/table create rights.
    It currently creates a mysql "appfuse" database using the user: root/admin.
    It also grants the user "test" (password: test) full rights to this 
2.  Run "ant setup-db".
3.  Test that the db access code works with:
    ant test-ejb -Dtestcase=UserDAOTest
    ant test-web -Dtestcase=UserManagerTest
4.  Setup Tomcat running "ant setup-tomcat deploy".  This puts a mysql jdbc 
    driver in $CATALINA_HOME/common/lib, puts a appfuse.xml file in 
    $CATALINA_HOME/webapps/ and deploys the application.
5.  Start Tomcat and test the web login using:
    ant test-canoo -Dtestcase=Login

To run this application on Tomcat 5.0.4+, you need to make sure that you have
mail.jar, activation.jar (for the passwordHint feature) and jta.jar (for
Hibernate transactions) in your $CATALINA_HOME/common/lib directory.  For your
convenience, you can download these JARs from the sampe place you downloaded
this release.  The file is named tomcat-5-jars.jar.

To run this application on Tomcat 4.1.x LE, you need to make sure that you have
commons-collections.jar, commons-dbcp.jar and commons-pool.jar in your 
$CATALINA_HOME/common/lib directory.  For your convenience, you can download 
these JARs from SourceForge where you downloaded this release. The file is 
named tomcat-4-LE-jars.jar.  You will also need mail.jar and activation.jar
in the same directory.
Log4j has a pretty slick feature where you can have e-mail messages sent
to you when an ERROR is logged.  To set this up, perform the following
  1. Make sure mail.jar and activation.jar are in $CATALINA_HOME/common/lib.
  2. Change the property "error.mailTo" in to be your
     e-mail address.
  3. Edit WEB-INF/classes/ to add "mail" to the rootCategory.
     Example: log4j.rootCategory=INFO, stdout, mail

Features/Changes in 1.4
- Added "cactus" task for running Cactus tests in Tomcat 4.x and Resin 3.0.5.
- Added Tomcat Ant tasks for managing tomcat with the Manager app and Ant.
  - Currently supports: install, remove, start, stop, reload and list.
  - I recommend using "ant setup-tomcat deploy" and then using "ant reload"
    after running "ant deploy" when you change .java or config files.
- Removed "upload" module and integrated file-upload into the core. Removed 
  unnecessary scriplets from uploadForm.jsp.
- UI Enhancements: 
  - Changed CSS for error messages to have a red border around them - making
    it easier to distinguish errors from messages.
  - Added onclick and onfocus event handler to form inputs to select the 
    text when an input type="text" is clicked or focuses on.
- Changed directory structure from common/ejb/web to dao/service/web. 
  More information on this change at:
- Added Spring to configure Hibernate, DAOs and Managers.  Configured 
  declarative transactions at the service and dao layers.  Configured 
  OpenSessionInViewFilter for guaranteeing one transaction per request.
  More information on this change at:
- Changed UserCounterListener to only record users that have logged in 
  successfully.  Also added a screen to show currently logged in users.
- Changed default session timeout to 10 minutes instead of 60.
- Implemented persistent login cookie strategy (for Remember Me) as 
  recommended by Charles:
  More information on this change at:
- Added iBATIS as a persistence framework option.  More information on this
  feature can be found at:
- Added custom web.xml XDoclet template for ordering filters and listeners.
- Added support for generating indexed property setters in ActionForms when
  generating Forms with XDoclet.  This support includes adding Velocity JARs
  to the the list of 3rd party JARs.  Currently, Velocity is only used by 
- Added "Account Information" e-mail as part of registration process.  This
  e-mail gets sent the e-mail address the user entered on signup.
- Dependent packages upgraded:
    * Cactus 1.6 Nightly (20030119) to support the "cactus" task and Resin 
    * JSTL 1.0.5
    * Patched Canoo's WebTest to work with Ant 1.6
    * Hibernate 2.1.2
    * MySQL JDBC Driver 3.0.11

Features/Changes in 1.3
- Many changes to database settings so that is generated
  at run-time from properties in (defaults to MySQL).  This
  makes it easy for users to run a MySQL database in development and have a
  DB2 database (or any other) in production.  Just customize your database 
  settings and put them in ~/ or ~/.appname-
  and these settings will be used instead of the default.
  - As part of this process, I tested AppFuse on DB2 8.1 (on Windows) 
    and PostgreSQL 7.4 (on OS X).  
  - Testing on other servers caused me to change from generator-class="native"
    to generator-class="increment" - which still works fine on MySQL.
  - I also changed tomcat-context.xml to dynamically substitute database
    properties and defaultAutoCommit is now "true" by default.
- Added error pages for 404 (page not found) and 403 (access denied), both 
  with pretty pictures. ;0) Protected / for admin role only.
- Moved filter-mappings from Filter's JavaDocs (XDoclet) to 
  metadata/web/filter-mappings.xml in order to control the order of execution.
- Made RememberMe feature configurable via a "rememberMe.enabled" property in
  app-settings.xml. This won't kick on resin until the filter is invoked at
  least once.  Tomcat initializes filters on startup.
- Upgraded oscache.jar in Hibernate 2.1.1 to OSCache 2.0.1 and configured
  OSCache to cache JSP changes.  Also modified the oscache-2.0.1.jar to have
  a URI for the tag library.  Turned off caching of JSP pages - to enable, 
  uncomment filter-mapping in metadata/web/filter-mappings.xml.
- Made changes to be Resin 3.0.4 friendly.  More info at:
- Refactored BaseDAOHibernate to consolidate retrieveObject and removeObject
  methods.  Also changed saveObject to do ses.saveOrUpdate and removed 
  storeObject method. 
- Replaced CompressionFilter with GZipFilter that works on Resin.
- Added print stylesheet support.
- Added Clickstream ( and menu/JSPs to
  view user paths.
- Dependent packages upgraded:
    * XDoclet 1.2.0
    * Cactus 1.6 Nightly (20030116) to support "cactus" task for supporting
      a "contextxml" attribute for testing in Tomcat.

Features/Changes in 1.2
- Backed out Http Post for Remember Me.  It was not redirecting user to the page
  they originally requested.  Using reponse.sendRedirect does send the user
  to the proper location.  Turned on password encryption (SHA) to protect any
  passwords that end up in log files.  Turned off encryption in Tomcat.
- Changed configuration parameters in servlet context to be in a hashmap.
- Improvements to StrutsGen tool to generate list screen as well and to fill
  in more missing elements.
- Changed to close Hibernate session when object not found in BaseDAOHibernate.
- Dependent packages upgraded:
    * Hibernate 2.1.1
    * Struts Menu 2.1
    * WebTest Build 379
- Fixed bug in when creating a new user, role defaults to 
  "tomcat" regardless of what the user chooses.
Features/Changes in 1.1
- Documentation!  Now includes tutorials (in docs/index.html) for doing a full
  master-detail lifecycle (database to JSP).  HowTos are pulled from my wiki
  ( using "ant wiki".  Please update the wiki
  if you find any errors in the documentation.
- Now requires J2EE 1.4 - if you're not there yet, simply change the paths
  for activation.jar and mail.jar in properties.xml (look for 
  common.compile.classpath). You can use j2ee.jar instead of mail.jar and
  activation.jar for 1.3 and 1.4 B2.
- Dependent packages upgraded:
    * Hibernate 2.1
    * Struts Nightly Build 20031202
    * Display Tag Library 1.0 Beta 2
- Fixed bugs in build.xml "new" target to copy Eclipse files (.project and
  .classpath) into new project.
- Fixed issues in error.jsp, ActionExceptionHandler, UserDAOHibernate and 
  RegistrationServlet where exceptions weren't being reported accurately.
- Modified template for creating JSPs from ActionForms to more closely match
  current design.
- Renamed targets in test/web-tests.xml to be CamelCase.  I changed these 
  because when you're typing -Dtestcase=Name, I've found that I'm used to 
  doing CamelCase for my JUnit Tests.
- Fixed bug on signup.jsp where State and Country didn't retain values
  when an error occurred.
- Removed "copy-jars" target in build.xml - moved the process of including 
  jars into the war task of the package-web target.
- Fixed "setup-tomcat" target to detect Tomcat 5 and deploy appfuse.xml
  to $CATALINA_HOME/conf/Catalina/localhost instead of $CATALINA_HOME/webapps.
- Changed "test-common" task to work with J2EE 1.4 Final.  This involved
  removing ${j2ee.jar} from the classpath and adding mail.jar and 
  activation.jar explicitly.  You can change this in properties.xml.
Features/Changes in 1.0
- Dependent packages upgraded: 
    * Cactus 1.5
    * DBUnit 1.5.6
    * Hibernate 2.0.3
    * Struts Menu 2.0
    * JSTL 1.0.4
    * MySQL Driver 3.0.9
- Refactored "Remember Me" to be more secure by setting cookies only under
  the "/security/*" path and only retrieving them from there.
    - Renamed BreadCrumbFilter to LoginFilter and removed Breadcrumb 
      functionality (wasn't used anyway).
- Improved security of "Remember Me" to do an HTTP POST (instead of a GET)
  using commons HttpClient.  This way usernames and password will not show
  up in the user's browser address bar, their browser's history, or server
  log files.
- Removed Hibernate's Session from DAO and Manager method signatures - now
  it an object is passed into the implementation constructors.
- Refactored DAOFactory to return DAOs based on types of objects in the
  constructors (Bear Giles).
    - Example from
        dao = (LookupDAO) DAOFactory.getInstance(conn, LookupDAO.class);
- Decoupled Manager interfaces from Struts - now only objects are passed, then
  cast to ActionForms in the ManagerImpl classes.
    - Currently there is no factory for creating Managers, should there be one?
    - Possibly use Spring to give ManagerImpl's to Actions.
- Refactored Actions to pass Objects for Open-Session-In-View Pattern and
  removed daoType variable from Manager's contructors and it's clients (Actions
  and Tests).
- Upgraded to nightly build (November 11th) of Struts.  Details available at:
- Added BaseManagerTestCase and BaseDAOTestCase for common methods and 
  populating objects (i.e. Forms and POJOs) from .properties files.  If you
  put a .properties file in the same directory as a *, it will
  be loaded and available as a ResourceBundle - assigned to variable "rb".
    - Example from
        userForm = new UserForm();
        // call populate method in super class to populate test data
        // from a properties file matching this class name
        userForm = (UserForm) populate(userForm);
- Removed JUnitDoclet comments from existing tests.  I did this because
  I found they were confusing when trying to explain JUnit and the testcases
  to peers.
- Removed JUnit TestSuites - not needed since junit task and batchtest handle 
- Added and, as well as calendar.js for popup
  calendars (from
- Added enhancements to error handling and logging in ActionExceptionHandler
  and error.jsp.  Details available at:
- Changed User Profile to retain password since it's encrypted anyway.
- UNTESTED: Removed mysql values from being hardcoded in build.xml. Should work 
  with PostgreSQL by changing mysql properties to postgresql properties in 
    - Look for "database.jar" to begin changing to postgresql - 
      there are commented out versions for postgresql.  
    - You will also need to change metadata/web/tomcat-context.xml for 
    - You will need to download the database driver for postgresql and put it
      in the lib directory and adjust appropriately.
- Added auto-generation of "reset" method (for booleans) in generated 
  ActionForms - accomplished by modifying struts_form.xdt.
- Removed Parent and Child Objects and any accompanying sample data. Get the
  tag 0_9_9 if you want to play with them.
- Added SwitchLayoutAction (not used) - more details available at:
- Added compile-jsp.xml for pre-compiling JSPs in Tomcat. You can run it using
  "ant -f compile-jsp.xml".

Features/Changes in 0.9
- Added Password Hint
- Upgraded MySQL JDBC Drivers to latest stable version (3.0.8)
- Added for GZip compression.
- Added "jsp-2" task to deploy a JSP 2.0 version of the application.  
- Renamed "copy-struts" task to "copy-jars" task.
- Fixed problem where a change in roles wasn't persisted.
- Enhancements to JavaDoc comments and output (now links to other API docs).
- Changed Java2HTML to use Ant Task.
- Upgraded to Hibernate 2.0.2, PMD 1.2, Checkstyle 3.1, DBUnit 1.5.5 and
  WebTest build328.
- Added User Registration and User Add Canoo Tests.
- Added Cactus Test for form-based authentication in LoginServletTest.
- Changed "html:rewrite" to JSTL's "c:url".
- Enhancements to run on Tomcat 5.0.4+ 
    - Removed privileged="true" from my the "Context" definition.
    - For more info, see

Features/Changes in 0.8
- Added User Self Registration, complete with auto-login!
- Added indicator to user list indicating which column/direction is sorted.
- build.xml - changes to tests:
    - "test-common" runs utilities tests
    - "test-ejb" runs db-layer tests
    - "test-web" for running services tests or action tests 
      when tomcat is running.
    - "test-canoo" runs canoo webtests when tomcat is running.
    - "test-cactus" runs "test-web" and starts/stops tomcat as part 
       of the test.
    - "test-jsp" runs "test-canoo" and starts/stops tomcat.
    - "test-all" runs all tests and starts/stops tomcat as it needs to.
    - "test-all-running" runs all tests while tomcat is running (for anthill).
    - As always, you can run individual tests by using -Dtestcase=$testName
- Removed leftover tables from struts-resume that were in 
- Added "protocol" property to properties.xml so http:// could be overridden.
- Upgraded to Hibernate 2.0 Final.
- Upgraded to Struts 1.1 RC2.
- Upgraded Canoo WebTest to Build 280.
- Upgraded Struts Menu to CVS Snapshot with tabs (not used yet).
- Moved "confirmPassword" property from to so 
    JavaScript validations would occur in the proper order.
- In web/WEB-INF, changed validator-rules.xml to validator-rules-custom.xml.
    and only included the twoFields custom validator.
- In web/pages/loginForm.jsp, moved "Remember Me" to and made it into a label.  Also, added 
    link for self-registration.
- In, changed auto-login to route to LoginServlet 
    ("/auth") rather than "j_security_check"
- In Canoo WebTests (test/web/web-tests.xml), added as a property file to compare titles with,
    rather than hardcoding strings.
Features in 0.7
- Upgraded to Hibernate 2.0 Beta 4.
- Upgraded to Struts 1.1 nightly build (2003.03.26) to fix Validator issue.
- Upgraded DBUnit to 1.6-dev to fix batchStatement error in Ant task.
- Upgraded Canoo WebTest from build265 to build276.
- Upgraded XDoclet to nightly build (2003.03.28) for Hibernate 2.0 
  compatibility.  Apache module is still customized for POJO -> ActionForms.
- Upgraded Display Tag Library to version 0.8.5.
- Renamed "test-canoo" task to "test-jsp".  
- Added "db-load" as a dependency to running unit tests to get a fresh 
  database each time.
- In and, pre-pended contextPath 
  to authURL (i.e. "j_security_check") to get absolute path.
- Added User Administrator to list/edit/delete users.  This feature 
  includes using indexedProperties on a form - still using XDoclet, but using
  a subclass of UserForm, called UserFormEx to hold the getter/setters for 
  the indexedProperties. 
- Wrote more Cactus and Canoo Tests to verify Resume editing and User 
  Administration functioned properly.
- Added icons to success and error messages template (common/messages.jsp).
- Implemented role-based Permissions on menu by adding 
  permissions="rolesAdapter" to "menu:useMenuDisplayer" in menu.jsp.
Features in 0.6
- Upgraded to Hibernate 2.0 ( and 
  Struts 1.1RC1 (
- Fixed Validation issues when attempting cancel validation and using
  LookupDispatchAction (documented in Struts 1.1RC1 link above).
- Moved opening Hibernate sessions from being at a method level to being passed
  in to each method on the business/persistence tier.  Sessions are now obtained
  via the ActionFilter.getSession() method.
- Added SMTPAppender to to e-mail errors that occur in log 
- Added "Remember Me" feature - for details see
- Added "Current User" count as a demonstration of a Tiles Controller.

// TODO for 0.7 
- Complete tests for all Action classes using StrutsTestCase.
- Add User Administration.
- When Tomcat 5 become stable, or I figure out how to install an app on Resin 3,
  figure out a way (using Ant) to create JSP 2.0-compliant distribution.
// TODO for 0.8
- Allow a way for users to register (similar to Roller).
- Create User Administration interface with sortable/pageable list of users.
- Complete tests for all JSPs using Canoo WebTest.

- Add DateConverter and JavaScript calendar (
- Self Registration.

Features in 0.5
- Uses Ant build file and directory structure recommended by Java Development
  with Ant Book by Erik Hatcher.
- Uses XDoclet to generate web.xml and struts-config.xml from custom javadoc
  tags in POJOs (Plain Old Java Objects) and classes.
- Uses XDoclet to generate persistence mappings for Hibernate and also 
  Validator Forms.  The validation.xml config file is also generated.
- Demonstrates using Struts Advanced Features such as:
    -- Validator
    -- Tiles
    -- Declared Exceptions
    -- Modules
    -- File Upload
- Demonstrates handling Chained Exceptions in
- Uses Form-based authentication and interacts with a MySQL database for
- Can (optionally) be used to encrypt passwords manually and to use SSL for 
- Uses Business Delegate and DAO Patterns for persistence.

Future Plans
- Add examples for indexed properties and saving nested forms.
- Develop better conversion of properties using ConvertUtils from Commons.
- Create a better way of deployment using Ant, including remote deploy.
- Develop better test coverage for servlets and JSPs.
- Integrate build/test/documentation process with Maven.
- Add Administration section that allows for user management.
- Finish application so user can build an actual resume and use the application
  to host their resume.
- Add token checking to prevent double posting - or use redirects.

What is AppFuse?
- It's an application that is meant to demonstrate how to use XDoclet with 
  Struts to generate your Forms, web.xml, struts-config.xml, and validation.xml.  
  It's also designed to show how you can use the different security packages 
  (i.e. form-based authentication, SSLExt) and advanced 
  Struts techniques (i.e. Tiles, Validator) to build your webapps.
Where do I put my own code?
- The build file is setup so that you can place your own packages anywhere 
  under the /src directory. For database access code, it's recommended that
  you put it under the src/ejb directory. 

What targets does the build file accept?
- Run "ant -projecthelp" for a complete list of available tasks.

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