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Saturday 28 May: Talk (45-min) Proposals

User Talk Title
Jan Krutisch Ruby for Tinkerers and Artists
snusnu DataMapper - Past, Present and Future
michael Data.js - Data Manipulation and Graph Persistence for the Browser (and Node.js): Manipulate and persist data on the client (browser) or on the server (Node.js) by using exactly the same API, make fast computations (like grouping and aggregating data, filtering), synchronize nodes with a data-store (CouchDB), subscribe for graph updates in realtime
thegcat ChiliProject, part functionality and upcoming challenges, maybe a little about the fork too (thegcat/Felix)
J-_-L Tweak your Ruby consoles 2011 edition
Sven Fuchs + Josh Kalderimis Travis CI - distributed continuous integration for the Ruby community
Davide D'Agostino + Florian Gilcher Padrino Framework
Sebastian Schulze + Florian Gilcher Going Virtual - managing virtual machines with vagrant and ruby
Schorsch Apps & API nuts & bolts - parts needed in creating apps and an api for a webservice covers json-schema, oauth2, acl, REST (might be split into two talks and result in a workshop)

Sunday 29 May: Workshop Proposals

User Workshop Title
dbussink Get your stuff on Rubinius! Run your code on an awesome platform and get your commit bit by adding specs, fixing bugs or make impressive performance improvements.
Florian Gilcher Padrino Workshop
Shoaib Burq + Kashif Rasul Creating geospatial apps with Ruby
Alex P Backbone, Web-Sockets and Rails - writing buzzword-compliant code and specking javascript-heavy apps "right".
halfbyte Ruby For Artists And Tinkerers Workshop.
Thomas Metschke Can't type properly cos my fingers feel like all thumbs - but i would talk about Scalarium/Chef scaling web apps and social games - just show around a little