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This repository contains the content for as Jekyll-generated site.


The site is generated with Jekyll, and while you can use the regular jekyll executable, the preferred steps are the following:

  1. (One time only) Install Bundler (gem install bundler) and run bundle install once.

  2. Run rake to see the available tasks: documentation site. Available tasks:
     rake clean     # Clean the site
     rake deploy    # Deploy the files to
     rake generate  # Generate the site using Jekyll
     rake server    # Run a file server that serves and regenerates the files
  3. rake server runs a server with a small Rack shim that emulates the web server configuration on, so you can browse the site. It also emulates Jekyll's --auto mode so that files are refreshed as you save changes to them.


If you wish to contribute content updates for, please fork, make changes, and send pull requests or submit documentation bugs to JRuby's bug tracker. The bugs can either reference commits in a fork on Github or attach patches.

We can't guarantee that we'll accept and deploy all patches, so please consult with the JRuby team before making large changes. Thanks!


Clear content under Creative Commons and publish a license for the content as such.