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<title>Mediateca Documentation</title>
<body lang="EN-US">
<h1>Mediateca</span> Documentation</h1>
<p>Author: Alex Coles</p>
<p><span class=SpellE>Mediateca</span> Version: <b>0.1a</b> (alpha)</p>
<p>Documentation Version: <b>0.1a</b> (Revision 4, 6/30/2005 9:58 AM)</p>
<p>[TODO: Flesh-out documentation]</p>
<p>[TODO: Split the documentation into separate HTML files.]</p>
<h1><span class=Heading2Char><span style='font-size:14.0pt'>Introduction</span></span></h1>
<p>It is highly recommended that you read the documentation for DSpace
first, before following the instructions on this page. If you have already downloaded <span class=SpellE>DSpace</span> this
can be found in the /docs subdirectory of the source-folder.  Alternatively
find it online at <a
href=""></a>. </p>
<h2>Building <span class=SpellE>Mediateca</span> and <span class=SpellE>Mediateca</span>-Admin</h2>
<p><span class=SpellE>Mediateca</span> currently does not include a <span class=SpellE>DSpace</span> installation.&nbsp; You
have to download and build your own <span class=SpellE>DSpace</span> installation
before you can install <span class=SpellE>Mediateca</span>.&nbsp; <span
class=SpellE>DSpace</span> has a complex installation process.&nbsp; In future
versions of <span class=SpellE>Mediateca</span>, it is anticipated that <span
class=SpellE>DSpace</span> will be packaged with <span class=SpellE>Mediateca</span>.</p>
<p>Download the current installation of <span class=SpellE>DSpace</span> from or by CVS.</p>
<p>Find the instructions for installation of <span
class=SpellE>DSpace</span> provided at <a
Ensure you have the prerequisite software, including a working installation
of Tomcat as well as the required <span class=SpellE>PostgreSQL</span> JDBC
drivers.&nbsp; If you are installing <span class=SpellE>DSpace</span> on
Windows find additional instructions at <a
href=""></a>. &nbsp;</p>
<p>Follow the instructions in <i>Quick Installation Steps</i> to install <span class=SpellE>DSpace</span>.&nbsp; However
you do not need to copy the </p>
<p><span class=SpellE>DSpace</span> and <span class=SpellE>Mediateca</span> should,
in theory, be able to peacefully <span class=GramE>cohabit</span> the same
system.&nbsp; However it is likely that you wish only to install one.&nbsp; In
which case, omit step 8 from the <i>Quick Installation Steps</i>.</p>
<p><span class=GramE>Copy <span class=SpellE>mediatecapro.jar</span> from /<span class=SpellE>mediatecapro</span>/lib
(or c:\mediatecapro\lib on Windows) to the /<span class=SpellE>WebContent</span>/WEB-INF/lib/.</span></p>
<p>Copy the <span class=SpellE>PostgresSQL</span> JDBC driver jar file to the
/<span class=SpellE>WebContent</span>/WEB-INF/lib folders.</p>
<p>[TODO: Rebuilding after skin modifications in <span
<p>[TODO: </p>
<p>Find the ANT <span class=SpellE>build.xml</span> file in /ant/<span class=SpellE>build.xml</span>.</p>
<p>Copy the <span class=SpellE>mediateca.war</span> file from /deploy to Tomcat
/web-apps folder to deploy <span class=SpellE>mediateca</span>.</p>
<p>Copy the <span class=SpellE>mediateca-admin.war</span> file from /deploy
to Tomcat /web-apps folder to deploy <span class=SpellE>mediateca</span>-admin.</p>
<h2>Developing <span class=SpellE>Mediateca</span></h2>
<p>Follow the <span class=SpellE>DSpace</span> contribution guidelines at <a href=""></a>.</p>
<p>[TODO: Developer Information]</p>
<h2>Directories and Files</h2>
<ul type=disc>
<li><i>[<span class=SpellE>mediateca</span>-source]</i></li>
<ul type=circle>
<ul type=square>
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