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NetBeans Git Module
+### Official Oracle-developed Plugin
+Oracle have now begun development of an official NetBeans Git plugin. You can
+follow the development of this plugin on the NetBeans wiki:
+ - <>
+You can also subscribe to the mailing list for more detailed discussion of the
+plugin's development:
+ -
+Code for the plugin has already landed in the NetBeans "silver" repository.
+Unfortunately, NetBeans and official plugins are not developed with Git, but
+with Mercurial (hg). To clone the repository:
+ hg clone
+Please note: the repository is large and cloning can take a considerable amount
+of time.
A versioning plugin for working with Git repositories in Netbeans. Presently,
it supports the basic tasks of status, diff, commit, and log viewing. Future
versions will increase functionality to provide a full set of 'porcelain'

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