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Refinery CMS

An open source Ruby on Rails content management system. More information at

Refinery Dashboard

Wanna see Refinery for yourself? Try the demo

What's it good at?

Refinery is great for sites where the client needs to be able to update their website themselves without being bombarded with anything too complicated.

Unlike other content managers, Refinery is truly aimed at the end user making it easy for them to pick up and make changes themselves.

For developers

  • Easily Theme and customise the look to suit the business
  • Extend with custom plugins to do anything Refinery doesn't do out of the box
  • Sticks to "the Rails way" as much as possible. We don't force you to learn new templating languages.
  • Uses jQuery for fast and concise JavaScript


Refinery's gem requirements are:

Other dependencies

How to

Help and Documentation



Images & Files

  • Easily upload and insert images
  • Upload and link to resources such as PDF documents
  • Uses the popular attachment_fu Rails plugin
  • Supports storage on Amazon S3


  • Collect inquiries from a contact form
  • Manage your inquiries and be notified when new ones come in
  • Checks new inquiries for spam



  • Get an overview of what has been updated recently and see recent inquiries.

Authentication & Users

  • Manage who can access Refinery
  • Control which plugins each user has access to
  • Uses the popular authlogic authentication Rails plugin


  • Customise Refinery to look exactly how you want
  • The Rails Way: use regular Rails erb views, no templating languages here!

...Want more? Extend with Plugins

Extend Refinery easily by running the Refinery generator

ruby script/generate refinery_plugin

to get help on how to use that. Or read the full documentation on writing plugins for Refinery

Popular Plugins

  • Portfolio - manage groups of images like an image gallery.
  • News - post and manage news items.

Full plugin list here


Refinery is released under the MIT license and is copyright (c) 2005-2010 Resolve Digital Ltd.