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Zawgyi Unicode Converter (Angular PWA)

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Zawgyi Unicode Converter (Myanmar Tools) is a progressive web application (PWA) designed to automatically detect and convert Zawgyi-One and standard Myanmar Unicode written in Angular and Typescript.

Live Progressive Web Application

Zawgyi Unicode Converter

Zawgyi Unicode Converter | Myanmar Tools

Mobile Applications (Android / iOS)

The mobile project repo is at


  • Ability to convert Zawgyi to standard Myanmar Unicode and standard Myanmar Unicode to Zawgyi
  • 100% accuracy in every Zawgyi Unicode conversion
  • Intelligent understanding of input font encoding and convert automatically
  • Ability to use anytime even disconnected from internet
  • Fully tested with words and text from Myanmar Dictionaries, Myanmar Spelling Book and social media posts
  • Free, open source and MIT license!

Programming Languages & Frameworks

  • Latest version of Angular
  • Typescript
  • SCSS
  • Angular Material
  • Angular Flex-layout
  • Angular Universal (Server-side Rendering - SSR)
  • Progress Web App (PWA) with Angular Service Worker
  • Optimize use of RxJS

Main Packages Used by This Application

@dagonmetric/ng-translit npm version

@myanmartools/ng-zawgyi-detector npm (scoped)

@myanmartools/zawgyi-unicode-translit-rules npm version

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Sponsoring Zawgyi Unicode Converter

Core Sponsor

Perfect Supply Services - VAC

Become a sponsor

Contact us:

Feedback and Contributing

Check out the Contributing page to see the best places to log issues and start discussions.


This repository is licensed with the MIT license.