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This project creates a web page from logs obtained by ( ). It is also backwards compatible with the logs taken by eggdrop v1.6.19.

I do not have any plans to have it be compatible with other logging formats as I encourage people to use Sean B. Palmer's script.

This was inspired by the pisg project.


Run, ./ with the appropriate command line requirements. You can see necessary arguments by running ./ --help.

Please note, when specifying the channel the # needs to be escaped. Here is an example of how to do this:

./ -u yano -c \#osu_osc -e txt -l /home/yano/

Trouble / Help

pyloggystats is meant to be run with Python 2.7.x. Please make sure you are running at least this version of Python. This script does not work in Python 3.x.

If you need help, please feel free to contact me.


If you are not satisfied with the default colour scheme, you can change the colours in the style.css folder. If you want to make your colour scheme available to others to use please fork this project, commit the theme and submit a pull request. Please place additional css files in the themes folder.

To have the file pick up on your theme make sure you change or rename your theme file to style.css and place it in this folder.


This script is license under the GNU GPL v3.

The was obtained from a blog of which I have lost the link for. There wasn't a license attached with it and I'm releasing it under my project which is license by the GNU GPL v3.