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list of additional statistics to add #5

myano opened this Issue · 2 comments

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This will be an incomplete list of statistical requests.

  • rank the top 5 people who use .addpoint, .rmpoint the most
  • rank the top 10 people on the most characters per line -- done
  • list the top 5 people who have the longest monologue (not including joins/parts/quits)
  • show a ratio of joins to number of lines
  • top 5 people who post the most links
  • top 5 nicks with the most joins
  • who had the most sad faces
  • top 5 who have been op'ed
  • top 5 who ask the most questions
  • percentage of usage for each day of the week
  • # of topic changes
  • show usage based on hour per each day of the week

Statistics on how often nicks are said could be useful.

For example, how many times has the name "paradigm" been said in #osu_osc?

I have two proposals for how to go about this:

  • Parse the logs, find a login, then count the number of times the name is used before the next logout (or end of log). This will only get times nicks are said whne the person is logged on.
  • Another way is to first go through and find all the logins/logouts to get a list of nicks that have been ever used in the room, then go through and find how many times each is said.

I haven't thought through which is preferable to the other; either would make me happy. Or maybe a third way I've not thought up.


When this was first mentioned the first method that popped into my head was the second method. I think I'll give that a try and see how that works.

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