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A demo game showcasing how to use the "WordPress For Unity" asset for Unity
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A demo game showcasing how to use the "WordPress For Unity" asset for Unity

This was the first demo game created for (and released with) the WordPress For Unity asset. The WordPress For Unity code source remains propietary and is not included in this demo project. As such this demo will only be of use to those who own either of the two WordPress For Unity asset editions

What is included?

  • For the base of the demo we used the 3rd person shooter provided by Unity.
  • We then added 2 more weapon types
  • We added an upgrade and stats system to the weapons
  • We added in a store where you could unlock the new weapons, upgrade them or purchase ammo
  • We then incorporated the WordPress For Unity asset to include the following features:
    • A currency system based on performance in game
    • Save unlocks, upgrades and ammo online
    • A global leaderboards system available from the main menu showing the top 10 players
    • Login to fetch your weapons, ammo, stats, best score, available currency and your Gravatar icon
    • Unlock achievements for play and kill count, also viewable on the main menu
    • In game notifications of when awards were unlocked
    • We added the serials system:
      • We opted to skip the "Pay before you can play" mechanic
      • and rather went with the "Free to play but if you paid you are rewarded" mechanic
      • Players who bought the game from your website receive unlimited ammo and all weapons unlocked
Use this demo to see how this was achieved and then apply it to your own projects.

Installation and use

  1. Clone this project or download the zip and extract it somewhere you choose
  2. Create a new Unity project using Unity 2017.3 or later
  3. In the project settings make sure you select to use .NET4
  4. Install either
    • "WordPress for Unity"
    • or "MBSCore" followed by "WordPress For Unity MBSCore Edition"
  5. Move all the source files from this project into your project
  6. Add the Unity scenes included in this project to your project's build settings
  7. Enjoy
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