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MyBatis Hazelcast adapter
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MyBatis Hazelcast Extension

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MyBatis-Hazelcast extension Hazelcast support for MyBatis Cache.


This module contains two cache implementations utilizing Hazelcast:

  1. org.mybatis.caches.hazelcast.HazelcastCache:

Use "org.mybatis.caches.hazelcast.HazelcastCache" if you want the JVM running MyBatis to be part of the Hazelcast cache cluster.

Internally this is calling "Hazelcast.newHazelcastInstance()".

  1. org.mybatis.caches.hazelcast.HazelcastClientCache:

Use "org.mybatis.caches.hazelcast.HazelcastClientCache" if you want the JVM running MyBatis to be a client to a Hazelcast cache cluster running outside the JVM running MyBatis.

Internally this is calling "HazelcastClient.newHazelcastClient()". Also see

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