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MyBatis JPetStore

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JPetStore 6 is a full web application built on top of MyBatis 3, Spring 5 and Stripes.


Other versions that you may want to know about

Run on Application Server

Running JPetStore sample under Tomcat (using the cargo-maven2-plugin).

  • Clone this repository

    $ git clone
  • Build war file

    $ cd jpetstore-6
    $ ./mvnw clean package
  • Startup the Tomcat server and deploy web application

    $ ./mvnw cargo:run -P tomcat90


    We provide maven profiles per application server as follow:

    Profile Description
    tomcat90 Running under the Tomcat 9.0
    tomcat85 Running under the Tomcat 8.5
    tomcat70 Running under the Tomcat 7.0
    tomee80 Running under the TomEE 8.0(Java EE 8)
    tomee71 Running under the TomEE 7.1(Java EE 7)
    wildfly18 Running under the WildFly 18(Java EE 8)
    wildfly13 Running under the WildFly 13(Java EE 7)
    liberty-ee8 Running under the WebSphere Liberty(Java EE 8)
    liberty-ee7 Running under the WebSphere Liberty(Java EE 7)
    jetty Running under the Jetty 9
    glassfish5 Running under the GlassFish 5(Java EE 8)
    glassfish4 Running under the GlassFish 4(Java EE 7)
    resin Running under the Resin 4
  • Run application in browser http://localhost:8080/jpetstore/

  • Press Ctrl-C to stop the server.

Try integration tests

Perform integration tests for screen transition.

$ ./mvnw clean verify -P tomcat90
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