@harawata harawata released this Aug 20, 2017 · 234 commits to master since this release

Assets 3


  • Make default enum type handler customizable. #971
  • Make mapper method and its interface type accessible to SqlProvider. #1055
  • Allow using configuration properties in SqlProvider. #1061
  • Merge type handlers for JSR-310 (Java Date and Time API) into the core. #974

Bug fixes:

  • The type handler registered for a common interface of enums was not applied correctly. #976
  • Lazy loading should not overwrite a property value set by user. #988
  • Prevent foreach xml tag from polluting the global context. #966
  • Some parameter names (e.g. 'size') can cause ClassCastException. #1031
  • Not all result sets are processed when UPDATE or INSERT is performed in between. #1036
  • With PostgreSQL, ExecutorException is thrown if useGeneratedKeys is enabled globally. #902

There should be no backward incompatible change since 3.4.4.
Follow this link to see the full list of changes.