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Assets 3


  • Apply custom ResultHandler to CURSOR type OUT parameter. #493
  • Substitute variables in attribute values of included SQL fragments. #1069
  • BatchExecutor now closes each statement immediately after execution. #1110
  • It is now possible to use a static method as SQL provider. #1131
  • SQL provider method can now return CharSequence instead of String. #1134
  • Add resource path to the exception message when parsing XML mapper failed. #1172

Bug fixes:

  • Registering type handler against HashMap causes ClassCastException. #1089
  • Unable to register TypeHandler once TypeHandlerRegistry.hasTypeHandler is called. #1177
  • Serializing and deserializing cached objects causes NullPointerException. #1084
  • Invalid error message 'Two methods with same method signature but not providing classes assignable?' in System.err. #929

There should be no backward incompatible change since 3.4.5.
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