MyBatis type handlers for JSR-310
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MyBatis Type Handlers for JSR 310: Date and Time API

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The MyBatis type handlers supporting types introduced in JSR 310: Date and Time API.


Type handlers for "JSR 310: Date and Time API" has been merged into mybatis core since 3.4.5. (See #974)


If you are using Maven add the following dependency to your pom.xml:


If you are using Gradle add the following dependency to your build.gradle:



If you are using MyBatis 3.4 or later, you can simply add this artifact on your classpath and MyBatis will automatically register the provided type handlers. If you are using an older version, you need to add the type handlers to your mybatis-config.xml as follow:

  <!-- ... -->
  <typeHandler handler="org.apache.ibatis.type.InstantTypeHandler" />
  <typeHandler handler="org.apache.ibatis.type.LocalDateTimeTypeHandler" />
  <typeHandler handler="org.apache.ibatis.type.LocalDateTypeHandler" />
  <typeHandler handler="org.apache.ibatis.type.LocalTimeTypeHandler" />
  <typeHandler handler="org.apache.ibatis.type.OffsetDateTimeTypeHandler" />
  <typeHandler handler="org.apache.ibatis.type.OffsetTimeTypeHandler" />
  <typeHandler handler="org.apache.ibatis.type.ZonedDateTimeTypeHandler" />
  <typeHandler handler="org.apache.ibatis.type.YearTypeHandler" />
  <typeHandler handler="org.apache.ibatis.type.MonthTypeHandler" />
  <typeHandler handler="org.apache.ibatis.type.YearMonthTypeHandler" />
  <typeHandler handler="org.apache.ibatis.type.JapaneseDateTypeHandler" />

Supported types

The following type handlers are supported:

Type handler Date and Time API type JDBC types Available
InstantTypeHandler java.time.Instant TIMESTAMP
LocalDateTimeTypeHandler java.time.LocalDateTime TIMESTAMP
LocalDateTypeHandler java.time.LocalDate DATE
LocalTimeTypeHandler java.time.LocalTime TIME
OffsetDateTimeTypeHandler java.time.OffsetDateTime TIMESTAMP
OffsetTimeTypeHandler java.time.OffsetTime TIME
ZonedDateTimeTypeHandler java.time.ZonedDateTime TIMESTAMP
YearTypeHandler java.time.Year INTEGER 1.0.1
MonthTypeHandler java.time.Month INTEGER 1.0.1
YearMonthTypeHandler java.time.YearMonth VARCHAR or LONGVARCHAR 1.0.2
JapaneseDateTypeHandler java.time.chrono.JapaneseDate DATE 1.0.2


For more details of type handler, please refer to "MyBatis 3 REFERENCE DOCUMENTATION".