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The MyBB package build script. Requires Docker.

A Docker image is built with tools needed to run the Phing build script.

Directory Structure

  • input/source/ - directory containing development source files (e.g. a git repository),
  • input/previous-source/ - directory containing source files of the previous release,
  • input/patches/ - directory containing git patch/diff files to be applied,
  • input/package-addendum/ - additional files attached to the release package,
  • input/ - variables specific to the target release.
  • secrets/, secrets.env - runtime keys and secrets used to fetch additional files

Building Packages

It is recommended to run the tools with at least 2048 MB of memory available to PHP and external tools.

  1. Clone the Builder

    Clone/download the repository. Make sure old files in input/ are removed.

  2. Prepare Docker Image

    Build the Docker image in the cloned directory:

    $ docker-compose build
  3. Prepare Input Files

    For reproducing packages, use the provided input/ content.

    For building from scratch:

    • Adjust input/ values.

    • If applicable, place additional files that can be fetched automatically from a data repository at branch specified in input/

      1. Create a secrets.env file in the main directory with the data repository URL variable:
      2. Create a Deploy key and add/ask to add it to the data repository and place the private key file (id_ed25519, id_rsa, etc.) in secrets/. Files within this directory will be copied into the container and configured as a SSH key to use when pulling data in the remote-data task.

  4. Build Packages

    Run the built phing service and execute:

    • the dist-set task to build the release package only:

      $ docker-compose run phing dist-set
    • the full task to build the release and update packages:

      $ docker-compose run phing full

If you believe you found discrepancies when reproducing packages, contact the MyBB security team.

Build Environment

The built phing service, with volumes input/ and output/ mounted to /home/user/, passes subsequent docker-compose run arguments to phing (the PHP build script).

During Phing execution the files operated on are located in the build/ directory, and once all tasks are completed are copied to output/ (outside of the Docker container).

VirtualBox Shared Folders on Windows hosts

On Windows-based hosts it may be necessary to add the directory in the Docker Machine's Settings → Shared Folders (e.g. d:\mybb-build named d/mybb-build) and manually mount the VirtualBox Shared Folders filesystem (vboxsf) to the default machine:

$ docker-machine ssh default 'sudo mount -t vboxsf d/mybb-build //d/mybb-build'
$ docker-machine restart


The MyBB package build script.




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