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MyBB 2.0 Coding Standard

This repository contains the coding standard for MyBB 2.0. These files are supposed to be used as a standard for PHP_CodeSniffer and are run automatically against all repositories related to MyBB 2.0.


PHP code must follow the PSR-2 coding style guide. PHP CodeSniffer will be ran against all contributions to ensure that code follows this standard.

In addition to the PSR-2 standard, we have other standards and best practices that must be ahered to:

  • All interface names MUST be suffixed with Interface. (e.g. ForumInterface).
  • All abstract class names MUST be prefixed with Abstract (e.g. AbstractForum).
  • All repository class names MUST be suffixed with Repository (e.g. ForumRepository).
  • All factory class names MUST be suffixed with Factory (e.g. ForumFactory).
  • The Interface suffix MUST take priority over other suffixes. (e.g. ForumRepositoryInterface, ForumFactoryInterface.
  • Getters MUST be used when retrieving the property of a non-Eloquent object.
  • Setters MUST be used when manipulating the property of a non-Eloquent object.
  • Properties on an object SHOULD have protected or private visibility.
 * @property string magic
class Foo
     * @var string
    protected $bar;
     * @return string;
    public function getBar()
        return $this->bar;
     * @param string $bar
    public function setBar($bar)
        $this->bar = $bar;
     * @param string $name
    public function __get($name)
        return 'magic';
  • Methods with a return value and/or arguments MUST have a document block.
  • Object properties MUST have a document block with @var tag denoting their type.
  • Magic properties on an object MUST be declared in a doc block at the top of the class using the @property tag.
  • Method arguments that are required MUST NOT have a default value.


MyBB 2.0 Code Standards.




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