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MyBB Simple Social Login / Register Using oAuth 2.0
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MyBB Simple Social Login / Registration Plugin Using OAuth2


  • MyBB 1.8.x
  • PHP 7.1+

Implemented Features

  • Users can login / register through several social gateways in a click
  • Currently supported: Discord, Facebook, Github, Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Yandex. New services will be added to the plugin over time; however (advanced) users can easily implement other services by creating configuration .ini of the expected service in required pattern (no programming needed). Once a configuration file is created and placed inside inc/plugins/isango folder only re-anabling the plugin will activate the new service with the plugin.
  • Administrators can choose the usergroup from ACP Plugin Settings under which the new users will be registered and placed, defaults to Registered (gid 2).
  • Users can add the authentication connections from user control panel which will help them logging in using the already registered services.
  • This plugin, by design, doesn't store access token obtained from providers so that in case of a database compromise your social accounts still remain secure.

Planned features so far

  • Optional ability to allow new users to input desired username while registering with Isango. Currently the plugin attempts to decide a suitable username based on available data received from the used service.
  • Ability to send automated welcome private message to the newly registered user intimating the random password used to register the account.
  • Adding more services to the plugin


  • Exactly same like any other plugins. Users need to upload the files inside upload folder of the package maintaining the already made structure using any FTP / WebDav and install / activate the plugin from ACP.
  • Users need to create App for the website at the service provider's developer site to obtain App ID / Secret which are required to input through MyBB ACP Plugin settings. For detail guidelines on creating App for individual service providers please refer Wiki.

External Dependency:

No external OAuth library has been used in this plugin. It has been implemented complying minimum possible OAuth2 requirements.

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