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My Citadel

Ultimate digital sovereignty

MyCitadel is a suite of software, hardware and Internet services focused on digital individual sovereignty and privacy1.

MyCitadel Wallet

The main component of the suite is Bitcoin, Lightning and RGB wallet. It enables real-world usage of bitcoin, digital assets and bitcoin finance (#BiFi), including reliable hodling (with inheritance options), corporate & organization use, current accounts with instant Lightning payments, bitcoin staking (through routing, storage, computing, DEX, liquidity pool services provided by Lightning node). Technically it can work with single- and multisig setups, based on hardware, air gapped, cold and server-side hot key storage, involving arbitrary complex time-lock scripts (with miniscript) and wide interoperability (because of use of wallet descriptors). MyCitadel is a taproot-enabled wallet from day one, including multisig- and script-based taproot.

MyCitadel Wallet was the first consumer-facing wallet supporting taproot scripts with timelocks & miniscript, and the first wallet working with RGB smart contracts.

The wallet suite includes the following existing and future consumer-facing apps:

  • Desktop app for Linux, Windows and MacOS;
  • Mobile app for Apple platforms: MacOS, iOS, iPadOS, which in the future will be extended with watchOS support;
  • Android mobile app (work in progress);
  • MyCitadel Node - server-side daemon supporting operations in company/organization/multi-device setups and used for running Lightning-based services;
  • MyCitadel Box - personal server appliance running MyCitadel Node;
  • MyCitadel Cloud - subscription-based cloud service providing MyCitadel Node as a private cloud virtual machine;

Additionally, wallet developers may use Citadel Runtime - a rust-based library providing taproot-, miniscript-, multisig-, lightning & RGB wallet; and languague-specific wrappers for using this library on different platforms: C (libcitadel), Swift for iOS/MacOS (CitadelKit). Other language wrappers are work in progress (CitadelJ for Android, desktop & server-side Java, CitadelWASM, CitadelJS for JavaScriptm PyCitadel for Python).

MyCitadel Contacts

Web-of-Trust contact managing application using bitcoin & RGB-based digital identity and Lightning network-based key servers instead of legacy WoT infrastructure. Work in progress.

MyCitadel Chat

End-to-end ecnrypted chats over Lightning network, using lightning & RGB payments, personal lightning-node-based multi-device synchronization and WoT-based identity & contact management.


  1. MyCitadel suite is based on the LNP/BP Standards Association libraries & products, including RGB, Bifrost and Storm protocols; RGB Node, BP Node and LNP Node software.


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    MyCitadel Wallet app for Linux, Windows & MacOS desktop made with GTK+3

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