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How to build and install quokka

This package does not provide an automated way to build or install the program except using npm because quokka runs on top of node.js. If you have node.js on your system,

npm install --legacy-bundling quokka

brings and installs quokka with its all depending packages.

The --legacy-bundling option is necessary when using npm3 because, without it, dependent modules will be installed at the same nesting level as quokka into node_modules.

The simplest way to use quokka is just to run it using node.js as follows:

$ node quokka.js <files-to-rename>

where the $ indicates a user prompt.

In a Unix-like environment, it would be more convenient to put into a directory like /usr/bin or /usr/local/bin a shell script that runs quokka:


node /path/to/quokka/quokka.js -v "$@"

or to set an alias for node.js running quokka:

alias quokka='node /path/to/quokka/quokka.js -v'

where the -v option tells quokka to sort numbers in file names naturally.

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