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@@ -29,44 +29,7 @@ adding them into the _rule chain_. Editing each rule and the rule chain is
performed interactively as you do in a shell prompt. The following, for
example, shows how to rename files' extensions to `.node` using `quokka`:
> #extension
entering '#extension'
#extension> change to node
file extensions will change to 'node'
#extension> preview
current rule being edited
change extensions to 'node' not using limit
files will be renamed as follows when you type 'done' and 'rename'
./alphanum.js | ./alphanum.node
./global.js | ./global.node
./mycolors.js | ./mycolors.node
./validator.js | ./validator.node
#extension> done
files will be renamed as follows when you type 'rename'
./alphanum.js | ./alphanum.node
./global.js | ./global.node
./mycolors.js | ./mycolors.node
./validator.js | ./validator.node
> rename
files are being renamed
./alphanum.js | ./alphanum.node [ok]
./global.js | ./global.node [ok]
./mycolors.js | ./mycolors.node [ok]
./validator.js | ./validator.node [ok]
4 files successfully renamed
you need to 'reset' file list and rules after 'rename'
> exit
![running quokka](
where `>` indicates a `quokka`'s prompt and `#extension` before it shows the
user is editing the `#extension` rule. Typing `help` lists what commands
Binary file not shown.

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