Clicking on Inbox makes cozy navbar disappear. #26

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bleuse commented Jan 17, 2013

Everything is in the title.
Clicking on the Inbox button makes the cozy navbar disappear. The html seems to be here, but it's hidden by the appframe.

It's the only app with this behaviour.

I'm using Snow leopard and Safari.


frankrousseau commented Jan 17, 2013

Thank you for your feedbacks. I will take a look at this problem.

frankrousseau referenced this issue in cozy/cozy-home Jan 31, 2013


App menu bugs with Cozy mails #2

seeker89 was assigned Jan 31, 2013


frankrousseau commented Jan 31, 2013

Additional informations:

  • how to reproduce: leave inbox, click on inbox in the left menu
  • this bug does not occur with Firefox. I notice it only with Chrome

frankrousseau commented Feb 14, 2013

The problem should be solved. bleuser can you update mails and try again ?

to be sure that the app is well updated, you must open it without the toolbar and use ctrl+F5 to reload it (it clears the cache).

bleuse commented Feb 24, 2013

I just tried again this week-end, and the bug is still there. I'll try to investigate further next week.

bleuse referenced this issue in cozy/cozy-home Mar 27, 2013


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