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Open source wireframing tool written in typescript, react and redux.
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Test it out at: (Work in progress)

The goal of this project is to create an open source wireframing tool. As a developer I have to create wireframes from time to time and there are great commercial tool in the market. But most of them cost more than a full Office suite per month. I think there is a need for a good and free solutions.

Version 01

What is the tech stack?

How to run the application?

Just install node.js and run the following commands in your terminal:

npm i
npm rebuild node-sass --force
npm start

Go to http://localhost:3000

How to build the application?

npm i
npm rebuild node-sass --force
npm run build

Copy the files from the build folder to your webserver.

What are the milestones?

  • 0.7: First working editor.
  • 0.9: Simple server to save diagrams with random id.
  • 1.0: Finalize the version and make small improvements and bugfixes.
  • 1.1: Manage pages within a project with background pages.
  • 1.2: Presentation mode.
  • 1.3: Dark theme
  • 1.4: Link UI elements to external sources or other pages.

How can I contribute?

The issues that are easy to start with are marked. Write a comment to the issue if you want to know more.

Read the Readme about shapes to understand how to create new shapes.

Why another open source tool? There is pencil

There is a great open source tool:

We see some issue with this project:

  1. It uses outdated technology and therefore it is hard to contribute.
  2. It is mainly maintained by a small company and few people.
  3. It is missing advanced features.
  4. The UI design is really oldschool ;)


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