A Ruby gem for Emma's API
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Emma API Wrapper (Ruby)

A Ruby wrapper for Emma's API.

Running the tests Build Status

Set the following environment values

export EMMA_ACCOUNT_ID=123456
export EMMA_PUBLIC_KEY=6fbfd5e68d3306e51350
export EMMA_PRIVATE_KEY=53f42aa48e24d44a3362

Run the tests

bundle exec rake run_tests


Add this line to your application's Gemfile:

gem 'emma'

And then execute:

$ bundle

Or install it yourself as:

$ gem install emma



require 'emma'
em = Emma::Setup.new 'account_id', 'public_key', 'private_key', 'debug_true_or_false'

You can also set environment variables and the Emma Wrapper will use them when you create an instance

ENV['EMMA_ACCOUNT_ID'] = 'account_id'
ENV['EMMA_PUBLIC_KEY'] = 'public_key'
ENV['EMMA_PRIVATE_KEY'] = 'private_key'
em = Emma::Setup.new

GET Request

req = em.my_members
# Will return a members array
puts req.inspect


req = em.my_members count: true
# Will return a count of all of the members tied to your account
puts req.inspect
req = em.my_members start: 0, end: 200
# Will return a members array starting with the specified start param and ending with the specified end param
puts req.inspect

POST Request

req = em.add_member email: "helloworld@gmail.com", fields: { first_name: 'hello', last_name: 'world' }
# Will return a reference object of the newly added member
puts req.inspect

PUT Request

req = em.update_member 111, status: 'e'
# Will return true if the member was updated
puts req.inspect

DELETE Request

req = em.remove_member 111
# Will return true if the member was deleted
puts req.inspect


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