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Emma SDK

An Objective-C client library for the Emma HTTP API. Builds a static library for iOSuse as well as a Cocoa framework for OS X.


EmmaSDK uses submodules to manage its dependency tree.

  • Clone the repository:

    git clone

  • Clone the dependency tree:

    git submodule update --init --recursive

Integrating the SDK

We recommend adding EmmaSDK as a submodule of your project. Ensure that you have properly cloned EmmaSDK and recursively cloned its dependencies as described above.

  • Drag the EmmaSDK.xcodeproj into the Xcode project explorer pane of your project.
  • Select your project from the explorer pane, then select your application target. Select the Build Phases tab.
  • Add the EmmaSDKiOS static library target (for iOS projects) or the EmmaSDK framework target (for OS X projects) under Target Dependencies.
  • Add the output of the target dependency (libEmmaSDK.a or EmmaSDK.framework) in the Link Binary With Libraries area.
  • Use #import "EmmaSDK.h" anywhere you wish to use the Emma SDK.

Using the SDK

Initialize the SDK with your account info:

#import "EmmaSDK.h"


EMClient.shared.publicKey = @"Your Public API Key";
EMClient.shared.privateKey = @"Your Public API Key";
EMClient.shared.accountID = @"Your Account ID";


Use the client to make API calls. The API client performs asynchronous operations using ReactiveCocoa.

    getMembersInRange:(EMResultRange){ .start = 0, .end = 50 }] 
    subscribeNext:^ void (NSArray *members) {
    NSLog(@"Got members: %@", members);


A static library for iOS and a dynamic Cocoa framework for OS X.




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