WildFly Swarm JMS Example
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WildFly Swarm JAX-RS & Message Driven Bean

This examples uses JAX-RS resource implementations and deploys them through a user-provided main()method.

It also configures a JMS server with two JMS destinations: Queue with name "sample-queue" Topic with name "sample-topic"

The SampleTopicMDBconsumes from the topic.

Project pom.xml

The project is a normal maven project with jar packaging, not war.


The project adds a <plugin> to configure wildfly-swarm-plugin to create the runnable .jar.


To define the needed parts of WildFly Swarm, some dependencies are added


Project main()

This project supplies a main() in order to configure the messaging subsystem and deploy all the pieces of the application.

You can run it:

  • mvn package && java -jar ./target/wildfly-swarm-example-messaging-mdb-swarm.jar
  • mvn wildfly-swarm:run
  • In your IDE run the org.wildfly.swarm.examples.messaging.mdb.Main class

Use via Browser


The MDB will log the received message to the console:

2016-08-03 08:23:16,922 INFO  [sample.SampleTopicMDB] (Thread-117 (ActiveMQ-client-global-threads-1211290936)) received: Test Message

Remote JMS

run sample.client.HelloWorldJMSClient