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This software is available to MyFlashLabs' Club Members ONLY. It takes care of ANE implementation in your AIR projects. You no longer have to spend hours reading setup instructions for different ANEs. This software will automatically read the ANE and configures your manifest .xml file on the fly. It also copies any necessary resources that ANEs might have. It will copy probable *.framework files to the AIR SDK too. It also checks the necessary dependencies and copies them on the fly. In simple terms, you will use this software to see the available ANEs and with just a simple click, the ANE will be installed in your AIR project. Even when there is a update for that ANE, you will be notified and again with a simple click, the ANE will be updated.

The ANE-LAB Software

Developing with AIR platform is supposed to be fun. Right? We are doing our best to make sure you are enjoying developing AIR apps. You just focus on your app logic. Let us take care of everything related to ANEs. Do what you do best and leave the rest to us.

Updating on Mac

Since Mac catalina, the AdobeAIR desktop apps must be captive .dmg files. So if you already have older version of the software, you may not be able to update to the latest version with the older format. The below screenshot should help you update ANELAB to the latest version.

IMPORTANT: If you are facing installation/running problems with the new software update, please contact us.

The ANE-LAB iOS installation


ANE-LAB installs AIR Native Extension files in your project automatically.




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