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SurfacePlayer air native extension helps you play video files inside your air mobile projects and you can control the position of the player by setting x, y, width and height parameters.
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Surface Video Player ANE (Android+iOS)

SurfacePlayer extension lets you play video files inside your air mobile projects and you can control the position of the player by setting x, y, width and height parameters. if you need to play your videos in native players out of your app, please check out: you may also use our YouTube link parser found here: and with that you can easily play YouTube videos too. but please notice that this surface player can play local videos only, so even if you wish to play a youtube video, you need to download it first and then play it back. If you want to stream an online video though, like a YouTube video, you can again use our other fullscreen player ANE mentioned above.

find the latest asdoc for this ANE here.

Demo Videos

YouTube demo of how the extension works

AIR Usage

For the complete AS3 code usage, see the demo project here.

import com.myflashlab.air.extensions.player.surface.*;

var _ex:SurfacePlayer = new SurfacePlayer(stage);

// on Android, when the surface player is availble, it will hijack the device back button clicks! with the folloiwng listener you can listen to device's back button clicks
_ex.addEventListener(SurfacePlayerEvent.ON_BACK_CLICKED, onBackClickedWhenSurfacePlayerIsAvailable);

// dispatches when the video has reached end
_ex.addEventListener(SurfacePlayerEvent.ON_COMPLETION_LISTENER, onVideoPlaybackCompleted);

// when you attach a video file _ex.attachVideo(file); this listener will tell you if this file is availble or not. play your video only if it is availble
_ex.addEventListener(SurfacePlayerEvent.ON_FILE_AVAILABILITY, onTargetVideoAvailability);

// this listener will tell you different states that your Media is in. "STARTED", "PAUSED", "STOPPED"
_ex.addEventListener(SurfacePlayerEvent.ON_MEDIA_STATUS_CHANGED, onMediaStatusChanged);

// the first thing you should do is to initialize the extension with its initial parameters
_ex.init(x, y, width, height, true); // the last parameter is the ratio for your video clip if false, the video will be stretched to fit your specified width and height

// after initializing the extension, you need to attach a new video file to it
_ex.attachVideo(File.applicationStorageDirectory.resolvePath("testVideoPlayerSurface.mp4"), SurfaceVideoLocation.ON_APP);

// and finally play it! (it is important to play the video after the SurfacePlayerEvent.ON_FILE_AVAILABILITY event is dispatched)

// there are many other methods for you to control the video playback like pause, seek, fullscreen, set volume, etc. please study the sample demo project
// coming with this extension to know how you can work with the other methods and when/how to dispose the extension properly.

Air .xml manifest

Embedding the ANE:
	<!-- dependency ANEs -->


  • Android SDK 15+
  • iOS 10.0+
  • AIR SDK 30+


Below are the list of Permissions this ANE might require. Check out the demo project available at this repository to see how we have used the PermissionCheck ANE to ask for the permissions.

Necessary Optional

Commercial Version

Surface Video Player ANE


How to embed ANEs into FlashBuilder, FlashCC and FlashDevelop

Premium Support

Premium Support package If you are an active MyFlashLabs club member, you will have access to our private and secure support ticket system for all our ANEs. Even if you are not a member, you can still receive premium help if you purchase the premium support package.

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