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My dotfiles.

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myfreeweb/dotfiles 2.0

Modular dotfiles! Easy installation on virtual machines and servers via SSH. No symlinks.

A module is a directory with an file that installs the dotfiles.


On the main machine, clone to ~/src/
Get zsh.
Don't forget to do on OS X: brew install reattach-to-user-namespace.

Local (example)

./ dev-base tmux zsh vim osx python ruby

Remote (example)

./ admin@ dev-base tmux zsh vim

Module WTF


  • dev-base -- configs for ssh, git, ack, ctags, curl, gpg and other small but essential programs
  • tmux -- tmux configuration and command helper
  • zsh -- Z Shell configuration and plugins
  • vim -- Vim text editor configuration and plugins
  • emacs -- GNU Emacs text editor configuration and plugins
  • osx -- Apple OS X defaults, keybindings, KeyRemap4Macbook, Slate


  • python -- Python
  • ruby -- irb, Rails, RubyGems
  • lein -- Leiningen (Clojure)
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