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# myfreeweb/dotfiles
## Installation
git submodule update --init --recursive
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- git&hg alias system, one letter == one thing, like vi commands, but the object comes before the verb, which makes more sense for version control
- extremely awesome `irb` (ruby), `python`, `lein` (clojure)
- [powerline]( in vim and a similar thing for tmux, stolen from [sjl/dotfiles](, but with keyboard layout instead of music and mail. cool if you're bilingual. customize `bin/keylayout` for your language if it's not russian.
+- powerline style also in fish and irb
- [Tarsnap]( backup script `bin/backup` and backup deletion script `bin/rmbackups`
- `bin/pinboard_html` writes my recent [Pinboard]( bookmarks to ~/.bookmarks.html, I add it to LaunchBar, I can search it
- solid, robust, UNIX-way mail configuration: mutt + offlineimap + msmtp + notmuch + urlview + `bin/addressbook` work together. like a boss!
-- zsh from the future! [zshuery](, [history search]( and [syntax highlighting](
## The weird parts
- I use the [Colemak]( keyboard layout instead of QWERTY, so in all the curses-based apps (vim, mutt, less, tmux) j and k are swapped so it's more reasonable (`k` is lower than `j` so `k` should mean down)

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