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Uncacher for MODX Revolution

Do you have a big MODX website? Like, thousands of resources and lots of stuff in the templates? Are your pages taking several seconds to render when they aren't cached? When search engines start crawling a site like that when it's not fully cached, it may become extremely slow. So you can't afford cleaning the whole cache every time you save a resource.

This module provides a different strategy: when you save a resource (or its pub_date time comes), it clears and regenerates the cache of this resource, its parents and the index page (site_start system setting).

This module was extracted from a live high-traffic website of a Russian magazine.


First, download and install it with the MODX package manager (System, Package Management) like any other package.

Second, uncheck the "Empty Cache" flag on every resource you edit.

If you don't use the publishing-at-a-specified-time functionality, you can stop reading right there.

If you do need it, set CronManager up and add a cron job calling the uncacheRecent snippet every n minutes and with options minutes: n, where n is how often to check. Five minutes is a good choice, but you can set it to one minute if you need that much precision. Screenshot


Uncacher is tested with Behat and built like any other MODX package (php _build/build.transport.php).

By default, it assumes you have MODX installed in ~/Sites; if you don't, set the MODX_PATH environment variable to the path to your MODX installation.