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[octohipster "0.2.1-SNAPSHOT"]

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Octohipster is

It allows you to make APIs that

  • support hypermedia (HAL+JSON, Collection+JSON and Link/Link-Template HTTP headers; works with Frenetic)
  • support multiple output formats (JSON, EDN, YAML and any custom format)
  • have Swagger documentation
  • use JSON Schema for validation and documentation
  • have pagination


  • a resource is a single endpoint that accepts requests and returns responses
  • a group is a collection of resources with a single URL prefix (eg. a group /things contains resources /things/ and /things/{id}) and zero or more shared properties (usually the schema)
  • a documenter is a function that returns a resource which documents regular resources (Swagger, HAL root, etc)
  • a mixin is a function that is applied to multiple resources to give them shared behavior (eg. collection or entry behavior)
  • a response handler is a function that is used to encode response data to a particular content-type (JSON, EDN, YAML, etc.)
  • a params handler is a function that is used to decode incoming data from a particular content-type (JSON, EDN, YAML, etc.)


(ns example
  (:use [octohipster core routes mixins pagination]
        [octohipster.documenters swagger schema]
  (:import org.bson.types.ObjectId)
  (:require [monger.core :as mg]
            [monger.query :as mq]
            [monger.collection :as mc]

(mg/set-db! (mg/get-db "octohipster-example"))

;;;; The "model"
;;;;  tip: make it a separate namespace, eg.
(def contact-schema
  {:id "Contact"
   :type "object"
   :properties {:name {:type "string"}
                :phone {:type "integer"}}
   :required [:name]})

(defn contacts-count [] (mc/count "contacts"))
(defn contacts-all []
  (mq/with-collection "contacts"
    (mq/find {})
    (mq/skip *skip*)
    (mq/limit *limit*)))
(defn contacts-find-by-id [x] (mc/find-map-by-id "contacts" (ObjectId. x)))
(defn contacts-insert! [x]
  (let [id (ObjectId.)]
    (mc/insert "contacts" (assoc x :_id id))
    (mc/find-map-by-id "contacts" id)))
(defn contacts-update! [x old] (mc/update "contacts" old x :multi false))
(defn contacts-delete! [x] (mc/remove "contacts" x))

;;;; The resources
;; with shared pieces of documentation
(def name-param
  {:name "name", :dataType "string", :paramType "path", :required "true", :description "The name of the contact", :allowMultiple false})

(def body-param
  {:dataType "Contact", :paramType "body", :required true, :allowMultiple false})

(defresource contact-collection
  :desc "Operations with multiple contacts"
  :mixins [collection-resource]
  :clinks {:item ::contact-item}
  :data-key :contacts
  :exists? (fn [ctx] {:contacts (contacts-all)})
  :post! (fn [ctx] {:item (-> ctx :request :non-query-params contacts-insert!)})
  :count (fn [req] (contacts-count))
  :doc {:get {:nickname "getContacts", :summary "Get all contacts"}
        :post {:nickname "createContact", :summary "Create a contact"}})

(defresource contact-item
  :desc "Operations with individual contacts"
  :url "/{_id}"
  :mixins [item-resource]
  :clinks {:collection ::contact-collection}
  :data-key :contact
  :exists? (fn [ctx]
             (if-let [doc (-> ctx :request :route-params :_id contacts-find-by-id)]
               {:contact doc}))
  :put! (fn [ctx]
          (-> ctx :request :non-query-params (contacts-update! (:contact ctx)))
          {:contact (-> ctx :request :route-params :_id contacts-find-by-id)})
  :delete! (fn [ctx]
             (-> ctx :contact contacts-delete!)
             {:contact nil})
  :doc {:get {:nickname "getContact", :summary "Get a contact", :parameters [name-param]}
        :put {:nickname "updateContact", :summary "Overwrite a contact", :parameters [name-param body-param]}
        :delete {:nickname "deleteContact", :summary "Delete a contact", :parameters [name-param]}})

;;;; The group
(defgroup contact-group
  :url "/contacts"
  :add-to-resources {:schema contact-schema}  ; instead of typing the same for all resources in the group
  :resources [contact-collection contact-item])

;;;; The handler
(defroutes site
  :groups [contact-group]
  :documenters [schema-doc schema-root-doc swagger-doc swagger-root-doc])

(defn -main [] (run-server site {:port 8080}))

Also, API Documentation is available.


By participating in this project you agree to follow the Contributor Code of Conduct.

Please take over the whole project!
I don't use Clojure a lot nowadays.
Talk to me:


This is free and unencumbered software released into the public domain.
For more information, please refer to the UNLICENSE file or


[UNMAINTAINED] A hypermedia REST HTTP API library for Clojure




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