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Simple project starter for Emacs
Emacs Lisp
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Simplest Emacs project starter for all you framework people — Django, Sproutcore, whatever — they have start commands. Really, the name „startproject“ is from Django‘s script :-)

It just runs framework‘s start command (or just a simple tar command extracting your project skeleton... or a mkdir if you‘re not a framework person) and opens the newly created project with dired. Also it can initialize version control (bzr/hg/git) and open vc-dir.

Requires a modern Emacs and ido. ido usually works out of the box, at least with GNU Emacs from Ubuntu repos and Aquamacs for Mac.

How to use it

  • require it in your init file (.emacs, config.el, or something else if you‘re very creative)

    (add-to-list 'load-path "~/Dropbox/emacs/startproject") (require 'startproject)

  • bind „start-project“ to some key (I don‘t think you want to M-x all the time), like this:

    (global-set-key (kbd "C-x p") 'start-project)

  • add your own starters if you need them, for example, HTML5 Boilerplate:

    (puthash "html5" "tar -xvf ~/Dropbox/webdev/html5-boilerplate-0.9.x.tar.gz" project-starters)

  • change the work directory — I‘m not sure if you want your projects in ~/. Don‘t forget the slashes!:

    (setq projects-dir "~/Dropbox/work/")

  • enjoy it!


  • Q: It says something about wrong paths... What the?

    A: You forgot slashes in the projects-dir.

  • Q: Why I have to add a command for my favorite framework by hand? It‘s popular.

    A: Because I‘m too lazy to google these commands for all the mainstream frameworks. Feel free to open a pull request.

  • Q: I don‘t need to open vc-dir! Can I turn it off?

    A: Of course! Just put it in your init file: (setq sp-open-vc-dir nil)

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