Rust bindings to libweston(-desktop) of Weston, the reference Wayland compositor
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(Work in progress!)


Rust bindings to libweston / libweston-desktop, the core of Weston, the reference Wayland compositor. Featuring:

  • custom build with libweston statically linked — no autoconf, no shared library plugins
    • you can do cross-language link-time optimization with RUSTFLAGS="-Zcross-lang-lto" (on nightly Rust)!
    • (TODO: support system installed libweston too)
  • slightly modified libweston (aside from the static linking support, it includes support for running on FreeBSD)
  • nice Rusty wrappers for stuff
  • support for the loginw setuid launcher-wrapper (which is like weston-launch but with a public API)

Current status

Screenshot of the simple demo compositor running gtk3-demo

A simple example compositor, like not-a-wm but with window movement, works! See weston-rs/examples/


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The list of contributors is available on GitHub.


MIT License, same as Weston itself.
For more information, please refer to the COPYING file.