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is your personal private wiki — collection of linked notes in plain text, [Markdown]( and/or [Textile]( stored in [Dropbox]( (a free web service for storing, syncing and sharing your files).
-Created by [Grigory V. (myfreeweb)]( in 24 hours with [Ruby](, [Sinatra](, [Sequel](, [Haml](, [Sass]([Compass](, [RDiscount](, [RedCloth]( and hosted on [Heroku](
+Created by [Grigory V. (myfreeweb)]( in 24 hours in [Emacs]( with [Ruby](, [Sinatra](, [Sequel](, [Haml](, [Sass]([Compass](, [RDiscount](, [RedCloth]( and hosted on [Heroku](
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