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1 parent 0c6ca0e commit 7171f559c8b2c92dbc67075e97a9f3c47c2edb9c myfreeweb committed Feb 20, 2011
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@@ -1,3 +1,3 @@
is your personal private wiki — collection of linked notes in plain text, [Markdown]( and/or [Textile]( stored in [Dropbox]( (a free web service for storing, syncing and sharing your files).
-Created by [Grigory V. (myfreeweb)]( in 24 hours in [Emacs]( with [Ruby](, [Sinatra](, [Sequel](, [Haml](, [Sass]([Compass](, [RDiscount](, [RedCloth]( and hosted on [Heroku](
+Created by [Grigory V. (myfreeweb)]( in 24 hours in [Emacs]( with [Ruby](, [Sinatra](, [Sequel](, [Dropbox gem](, [Haml](, [Sass]([Compass](, [RDiscount](, [RedCloth](, [Modernizr](, [$dom]($dom/), [Flexie](, versioned with [Git]( and hosted on [Heroku]( <!-- I'm so thankful now, LOL. Say thanks to me for not putting the list of Emacs modes/scripts here! -->
@@ -99,12 +99,12 @@ body > header
width: 55%
display: block
- width: 70%
+ width: 65%
margin: 0 auto
padding: 0.4em 0
weight: bold
- size: 2.5em
+ size: 2.2em
+linear-gradient(color-stops(lighten($col, 25%), darken($col, 20%)))
color: #fefefe

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