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my vim set on all platform including windows,mac,linux(ubuntu e.g.)
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You'd better to use vim compiled with +clipboard. Read here for more.

How to install

curl | bash && vim +BundleInstall! +qall
After that, find kit folder

sh to install vundle and link dotfiles.

sh to install oh-my-zsh and switch to zsh.

About oh-my-zsh

I use the zsh-syntax-highlighting plugin. So you have to install it.

It is simple:

cd ~/.oh-my-zsh/custom/plugins/
git clone

It's a perl file to convert the markdown format text to html code.


It's the powerline vim plugin font needed, install it to your mac, then set this font at your iterm2

I am using Source Code Pro as my programming font

Source Code Pro Download

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