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This is a CRUD-actions generator for a Noir-project. It is heavily inspired by the Rails generators. Noir-gen creates default view and model for the specified entity. It uses the Mongodb to store the models.


The plugin comes with three commands:

$ lein noir-gen setup

will prepare such things like db.clj, server.clj, views/default.clj and some other resources. In most case you have to run it only once

$ lein noir-gen model entity.subentity1 field1 field2 ... fieldN


$ lein noir-gen view entity.subentity1 field1 field2 ... fieldN

will make model and view for entities. From this version, I break them apart to make it easier to customize cruding for your needs.

Also you need to add the congo-mongo dependency to your 'project.clj' like this: [congomongo "0.1.7"]. Each time you run setup, lein-noir-gen will tell you to add the dependency.

The options which you may set in your 'project.clj': :noir-gen {:namespace alternate_namespace :database alternate_database}

If these options weren't set, lein-noir-gen will use the default namespace; the name of the database is also a default namespace.


Install: lein plugin install lein-noir-gen 0.4.0

Warning: you must have no previous versions of lein-noir-gen installed. You may delete it manually: $ rm ~/.lein/plugins/lein-noir-gen-*.jar

Run it from the root of your web-application.

lein noir-gen my-entity field1 field2 ... fieldN

$ lein noir-gen article title body author date published

If you want more complex directory structure, use dots "." in your entity string.

$ lein noir-gen entity.subentity1 field1 field2 ... fieldN

$ lein noir-gen entity.subentity2 field1 field2 ... fieldN

$ lein noir-gen another-entity.subentity field1 field2 ... fieldN

Step by step (newproject)

$ lein noir new project-name

$ cd project-name

Add [congomongo "0.1.7"] to project.clj

Enjoy cruding!

Now test generated stuffs. Start mongod (in an other terminator, because you don't want to stop it, right?)

$ mongod --dbpath path-to-your-db

Then run:

$ lein run



When a command is run, it will just write things as asked, without warning about old files.


Copyright (C) 2012 Dmitry Bushenko, Hoang Minh Thang

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.