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MyHDL 0.10

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What is MyHDL?

MyHDL is a free, open-source package for using Python as a hardware description and verification language.

To find out whether MyHDL can be useful to you, please read:


MyHDL is available under the LGPL license. See LICENSE.txt.


The project website is located at


The manual is available on-line:

What's new

To find out what's new in this release, please read:


If you have superuser power, you can install MyHDL as follows:

python install

This will install the package in the appropriate site-wide Python package location.

Otherwise, you can install it in a personal directory, e.g. as follows:

python install --home=$HOME

In this case, be sure to add the appropriate install dir to the $PYTHONPATH.

If necessary, consult the distutils documentation in the standard Python library if necessary for more details; or contact me.

You can test the proper installation as follows:

cd myhdl/test/core

To install co-simulation support:

Go to the directory cosimulation/<platform> for your target platform and following the instructions in the README.txt file.