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Nodejs 'omnifunc' function of vim

Support node's builtin module's method&property completion(ctrl-x ctrl-o) in js file with preview.


Download the tarball and extract to your vimfiles(~/.vim or ~/vimfiles) folder.

Completion require :filetype plugin on, please make sure it's on.


All the settings is optional.

let g:nodejs_complete_config = {
\  'js_compl_fn': 'jscomplete#CompleteJS',
\  'max_node_compl_len': 15


  • String function name, called to complete javascript
  • default to javascriptcomplete#CompleteJS
  • if you want to integrate with jscomplete, set it to jscomplete#CompleteJS, make sure it's installed.


  • Number, length of nodejs complete items. set to 0 if unlimited


var fs = req
// then hit ctrl-x_ctrl-o you'll get:
var fs = require(
// and then hit ctrl-x_ctrl-o again you'll get module name completion

var fs = require('f
// then hit ctrl-x_ctrl-o

// then hit ctrl-x_ctrl-o

// then hit ctrl-x_ctrl-o

// then hit ctrl-x_ctrl-o


  1. Close the method preview window

    ctrl-w_ctrl-z or :pc.

    If you want close it automatically, put the code(from spf13-vim) below in your .vimrc file.

     " automatically open and close the popup menu / preview window
     au CursorMovedI,InsertLeave * if pumvisible() == 0|silent! pclose|endif
  2. About vim's complete

    Vim supports several kinds of completion, :h ins-completion for help.

  3. Completion of module in node_modules will cache result of every js file

    If you modified module in node_modules directory, use code below to clear the cache.

     :unlet b:npm_module_names


feedback or advice or feature-request