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Code for Binoreille project.

The Binoreille project targets deaf people from one ear. The device allows the sound to be received from the side of the deaf ear and is transferred to the functional ear. In this prototype, the equipment consists of a headset and a box containing electronics for sound processing.

The first version was built during the "Abilympics 2016" in Bordeaux. Simon Juif had proposed a solution using a teensy electronic card which is powerfull and small enough for future miniaturization. The limit we had then encountered concerned the listening device, a basic headphone fitted on the top of the ear for not preventing the functional ear to hear its environment on its side.

The second version was built during the Fabrikarium in Toulouse in october 2016.

Team from Fabrikarium : Prototypeurs : Valérie Guichon, Guillaume Pirou, Pierre Merssadier, Adrien Schmouker, Patrice Caule, Jérôme Terrier, Jean-René Coulon, Delphine Bézier Documentation Flossmanuals : Pierre Commenge