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A Moebooru port to PHP
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MyImouto is a port of Moebooru to PHP and MySQL. In order for this to be an actual port (or as close as possible), MyImouto uses a custom framework that is based on Ruby on Rails, thus the code from Moebooru is transcribed to PHP with some modifications here and there to fit the target language and framework.

MyImouto is still under development, although practically complete. For more information about its features, changes and additions, please refer to the About MyImouto wiki. For news about the booru, you can checkout the blog, where I post from time to time.


  • PHP 5.4 or higher.
  • MySQL v5.5 or higher.
  • PHP libraries:
    • GD2
    • PDO
    • cURL
    • Imagick (recommended)
    • Memcached (recommended)
  • Composer (Dependency Management for PHP).
  • If running under Apache, the Rewrite mod must be enabled. Also, to serve gzipped CSS and JS files, the Headers mod is needed.


For an explained, step-by-step guide, please check the How to Install guide. Otherwise, here's the quick guide for advanced users:

  • Install system dependencies: composer install.
  • Create a database for the booru.
  • Create config/config.php and config/database.yml by copying their respective .example files.
  • Set your database configuration in config/database.yml.
  • Configure the booru by editing config/config.php. For a minimum configuration, both server_host and url_base options must be correctly configured.
  • Run the installer: php install.php. Enter a name and password for the admin account when asked, then wait for the installation to finish.
  • Finally, point the document root of your web server to the public folder. That's where the index.php file is.


Every time you update the files, don't forget to run composer update to update dependencies, specially for the framework, and also run php config/boot.php db:migrate to run database migrations (if any).

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